Obligations related to accreditation

The deadline for accreditation for the Kisvárda Master Good competitions is 12 noon on the working day before the day of the meeting. You can send us your accreditation request by filling in the form below.

Journalists and/or photographers entering the Kisvárda stadium accept and comply with the rules of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ), which are as follows:

  1. Does not enter the field before, during or after the match.
  2. He will not enter the teams' dressing rooms under any circumstances.
  3. You will stay, work and move around only in your designated area before leaving the stadium.
  4. You will not produce any personal material (photo, film, video, MMS) for the general public and/or any internet or mobile company before, during or after the competition, only for the accrediting media.
  5. Photographers will only use the distinctive vest provided for them as intended, i.e. over their outer clothing, and will hand it in at the end of the competition.
  6. It will take into account the interests of Kisvárda Master Good and will not cover or leave fully visible the advertising boards placed for the competition.
  7. He/she accepts the requests of the security service and follows its instructions: his/her movements, behaviour and clothing do not obstruct or hinder the work of the staff with the distinctive signs and the police.

Other requirements to be respected

  1. The accreditation applies only to the accredited person and cannot be used by anyone else.
  2. Wear the wristband given to you on entry and show it to the security service on request.
  3. The entry card cannot be used for another event.
  4. Press accreditation is not valid for areas used by club management, players and VIP guests without special permission.
  5. If the number of accreditation requests exceeds the number of press passes that can be issued, Kisvárda Master Good will issue the passes according to the pre-defined accreditation order.

Club Accreditation Policy

  1. Broadcasting rights holder Television company, MTVA, Nemzeti Sport, Kelet-Magyarország, club media of the visiting team, county newspaper of the visiting team.
  2. National daily newspapers, television companies, major Internet sports portals, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county media, radio stations with national frequency licences, news agencies.
  3. Magazines, weekly and monthly newspapers, local radio stations.
  4. Other online media.

We ask members of the press to accredit themselves before each event!

Due to the limited number of journalists (around thirty places) that can be accredited, applications will be assessed in accordance with the club's accreditation rules. The same rule applies to media stands with 12 tables. For the rest, the stadium media room will provide the possibility to work at a table before and after the match and during the break.

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